September 8, 2011

I'm finally returning with my letter series, its been on a somewhat extended holiday but I am returning with the full force of youthful enthusiasm. Its been a funny old week this week, for instance I'm currently listening to a Susan Sarandon interview and have the Touch-a touch-a touch-a me song running through my head... thanks for that rocky horror picture show, you've tainted Susan for me.

I've also discovered a multitude of my friends are pregnant this last week which is really exciting. I like getting some belly rubbing time, while still feeling a bit superior that I can have wine and eat a kilo of soft cheese if I so choose... thats if my husband would let me (something about getting really obese and wheezing my way around Bali in  a couple of weeks time? What a party pooper).

I've also been doing a  lot of x-tend bar recently, its a ballet based aerobics workout... I feel like a dancer gone retarded, waggling my arms about while holding weights and balls and generally just flapping about to fast music. I laugh a lot while I do x-tend bar but afterwards the jokes on me because I can't move for a couple of days without feeling like someone has kicked me repeatedly in the glutes... and every other muscle that resides on my body. So with that out in the open I'm going to go to bed as I have lots of birthday cake making (and eating) to get on with tomorrow.



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