September 11, 2013

Here is a little freebie for you this week. A free download for a C6 arrow envelope liner. All you need to do is print, then cut around the pink lines and put a small stripe of gluestick on the envelope under the natural glue line (the bit where you lick). Once this is done place your liner inside the envelope and press down on the glue stripe once you have it in place. 

Click here to download the file
Hope you enjoy it! 

Should you DIY print your invites?

September 4, 2013

I've got a really quick post for you this week based on the age old question of it's really worth paying extra for printing.

I have just recently added DIY printing options to my template based wedding stationery and as I'm offering both options can see the merit in both. So I've put together a little pro's and cons list for each.

Printed Invites:

  • You give me the information, I send you a package with everything printed, cut to size and ready for you to pop in an envelope and send out. Easy.
  • You know that it is going to be printed on high quality stock at a professional printer … not at office works where you have no choice of paper.


  • It costs more than the file only option.
  • You need to pay for shipping

DIY Print option:

  • It is a smaller up front investment
  • It gives you the option of emailing out your invites.
  • Much faster delivery (within a week of ordering).


  • You either have to print them all at home and cut them to size or find a printer and go through the whole process with them.
  • It can be time consuming and stressful if you are already feeling a bit crazy from the other 3025 things you need to get done.

Really there is no right or wrong option, so just keep in mind wether you have the time and patience to take on a DIY print.  Either way is fun


August 28, 2013

A few pics from Etsy for your September inspiration from these talented makers. (links below)

Image 1 - which goose
Image 2 - Sibo Designs
Image 3 - WA's very own Chloris Couture
Image 4 - Karolin Felix Dream


August 21, 2013

I'm knee deep in wedding stationery ideas and sketches getting ready to release for the First Comes Love bridal fair on October 5 here in Perth.

Apart from the warming weather and my desire to spends days lounging under a tree inspiring me, here are a few of the images that have been adding to the Picnic theme ideas.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5 
Image 6


August 14, 2013

I've been celebrating getting into the most recent Hello May issue with my Nautical pre-made wedding invite set, so I thought I would put together a little collection of nautical wedding ideas to get you inspired for the upcoming spring wedding season.

All you need is ocean based blues, a few ropes, maybe even an anchor and a venue near the water. If you can't help making it truly authentic, how about a hiring a yacht for the day and sailing to a beautiful location with your exclusive guest list? It's like a destination wedding without ever needing to renew your passport.

If you really feel the need, just pull out your best Carlton Banks outfit, a monocle and your good to go.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
Image 6


August 7, 2013

While browsing the Etsy archives I found a few Australian wedding supplier that I just couldn't help but share.

From the top left with links:

Bespoke wedding tea: A range of beautiful loose leaf tea for delicious wedding favors right from Australian Tea Masters in Geelong. Just imagine how good your guest tables would smell!

Jewel soap favors: I've used these Vice and Velvet soaps before and they smell almost as amazing as they look. Plus they come in cute little personalized boxes for your wedding.

Gold glitter heart garlands: Subtle but whats a special occasion without glitter? A meeting. Check out the rest of 10 Paper Lanes goodies.

Beaded cap sleeve wedding dress: Super cute dresses (especially this one) from GraceLovesLace in Brisbane.

If you want to browse more of my Etsy finds you can check out my Etsy wedding page HERE 

The man friendly wedding

July 17, 2013

For some women a wedding is all pink frills & cotton candy clouds in a feminine extravaganza. For others the thought of their future groom running for the hills at the sight of a "traditional" wedding is enough to make them start looking at other options. 

If you are after a man safe wedding below are a few basic tips so that you don't end up with a muscle car and hulk themed kegger.

  • Stick with neutral colors. Nature has been speaking to the inner caveman for years, so embrace all the foresty (yeah it's an invented word) colours that nature has provided and go to town.
  • The average 'bloke' doesn't want to eat rhubarb foam on twice smoked organic tempeh. Look at mini versions of classics meals like mini burgers and fries, fish and chips & lamb shanks then fancy them up with classic packaging that pokes some fun at the simplicity.
  • Give them something to do with fun events planned during the reception. Nothing brings a group of people together better than some good ol fashioned welly wanging (or gumboot tossing for all those non New Zealanders) 
  • For your wedding invites you don't need to have an abundance of calligraphy. Take the chance to come up with something original that will set the mood for the rest of the wedding & give your guests a hint at how much fun your big day will be. This can then be incorporated with quirky signage and packaging at the reception and ceremony bringing everything together and giving people something special to take home.
  • Don't release butterflies to a Celine Dion song. Nuff said don't you think?
Image links:

The pinterest problem and how it can effect your wedding photos

July 3, 2013

This a simple mistake that might stop your wedding photos being picked up by wedding blogs and magazines. It’s about that awful word.... plagiarism.... ever since the humble pinterest board has weaved it’s addictive self into the hearts of many brides there has been a massive rise in direct copying of wedding stationery.

You know how it is, you stumble upon the most amazing stationery that mankind has ever seen and you just know it would go so well with your taffeta llama farm theme. So you download the picture, gaze longingly at it for 72 hours imagining how your cousin will be so jealous when she opens the envelope before eventually picking a designer who can replicate this beautiful piece of work just for you. There is just one small problem... you aren’t actually allowed to do that.

As a designer it’s a big no-no to copy other peoples work, it’s a rotten thing to do (kind of like stealing a big boned kids cake) and it’s actually somewhat illegal and you don’t want to be involved in something like that do you? No... thats what I thought. It also means that it takes the styling of your wedding from being original to copied and if you saw it on the internet it means that the bridal blog you were going to submit your super amazing photos too has as well.

So if you find something you love, show your designer but make sure you know what the elements about the design you like are and then you can come up with a brand new design together that isn't ripping off someone elses work. So go forth and find a theme that is all you.

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