Should you DIY print your invites?

September 4, 2013

I've got a really quick post for you this week based on the age old question of it's really worth paying extra for printing.

I have just recently added DIY printing options to my template based wedding stationery and as I'm offering both options can see the merit in both. So I've put together a little pro's and cons list for each.

Printed Invites:

  • You give me the information, I send you a package with everything printed, cut to size and ready for you to pop in an envelope and send out. Easy.
  • You know that it is going to be printed on high quality stock at a professional printer … not at office works where you have no choice of paper.


  • It costs more than the file only option.
  • You need to pay for shipping

DIY Print option:

  • It is a smaller up front investment
  • It gives you the option of emailing out your invites.
  • Much faster delivery (within a week of ordering).


  • You either have to print them all at home and cut them to size or find a printer and go through the whole process with them.
  • It can be time consuming and stressful if you are already feeling a bit crazy from the other 3025 things you need to get done.

Really there is no right or wrong option, so just keep in mind wether you have the time and patience to take on a DIY print.  Either way is fun


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