The pinterest problem and how it can effect your wedding photos

July 3, 2013

This a simple mistake that might stop your wedding photos being picked up by wedding blogs and magazines. It’s about that awful word.... plagiarism.... ever since the humble pinterest board has weaved it’s addictive self into the hearts of many brides there has been a massive rise in direct copying of wedding stationery.

You know how it is, you stumble upon the most amazing stationery that mankind has ever seen and you just know it would go so well with your taffeta llama farm theme. So you download the picture, gaze longingly at it for 72 hours imagining how your cousin will be so jealous when she opens the envelope before eventually picking a designer who can replicate this beautiful piece of work just for you. There is just one small problem... you aren’t actually allowed to do that.

As a designer it’s a big no-no to copy other peoples work, it’s a rotten thing to do (kind of like stealing a big boned kids cake) and it’s actually somewhat illegal and you don’t want to be involved in something like that do you? No... thats what I thought. It also means that it takes the styling of your wedding from being original to copied and if you saw it on the internet it means that the bridal blog you were going to submit your super amazing photos too has as well.

So if you find something you love, show your designer but make sure you know what the elements about the design you like are and then you can come up with a brand new design together that isn't ripping off someone elses work. So go forth and find a theme that is all you.


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