A 'heads' up....

March 11, 2011

Top and Bottom left, cow and owl by Anna-Wili Highfield, Bottom Right, Origami animals by Dinh Giang
I know, cheesy title but who could resist that? Right? The reason for this post is I've been admiring all the papier-mâché deer heads that have been on Etsy the last few months and since hubby and I just moved into a new house with a horde of blank walls I decided that I absolutely needed a faux animal head. In my search I've found some that are mind blowing, like the ones above. I adore the tactile quality they have and just how skillful the makers have been. Anna-Wili Highfield is so amazingly talented and I get a bit green with envy seeing the work she can do, some peoples minds are a creative jackpot! About a week ago I made the base of a moose head to try my take on the whole faux animal head thing and I think I'm going to have fun on this little project. So now that you've seen the amazing examples above, please don't judge my begging of a moose head sans antlers... I still need to stick some wire through the head to start building the antlers. Also now that I have a base there is a chance to do something a little different than pasting wall paper to it, ooh the possibilities! 

my antler-less moose (which kind of looks like a sheep )


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