Monday Cheer

March 21, 2011


Today I just didn't want to return to the real world and go back to work. It's much more fun to hang around with my hubby during the weekends. We managed to see True Grit and The Kings Speech at the outdoor cinema both times with a wonderful picnic, get the best burrito I've ever eaten at the local markets, wander amongst sculptures on the beach and prowl the streets under the cover of darkness to see what verge collection junk jems we could find. 

The beginning of this week just seems to have an ominous feel looming over it, starting with inspections and ending with the endless list of things to do for pigeon pie (that I've kept putting off for so long I now absolutely HAVE to do them). So here's an image I found awhile ago that will hopefully bring some cheer to the beginning of the week. 


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