the colour of inspiration

May 25, 2011

top to bottom: earrings, sandals, scarf, fox painting, paper bag skirt, colour block T, triangle necklace, balloons (lost link sorry)

Even though we are entering into winter over here in Australia I've been finding myself craving colour. I want to dress with loud blocks of colours, draw and create with them, eat colourful foods and generally just roll around in them to avoid the dark monotony that can sometimes over come us when winter is here. I'm not sure why it is that when the sky is grey I tend to wear black, to the point that I generally look like I'm in a state of mourning over the entirety of winter. Maybe with the help of some online shopping I can stay bright and colourful for the next few winter months. This is essentially an entire post of things I want to buy, I know, I've fallen prey to consumerism greediness... buts its all so pretty, I can't help myself! 

I also really want to bring in some of these contrasting and bold colours into my work. I'm particularly in love with neon orange at the moment and am finding any excuse to use it in what I'm doing. Have you got anything that's influencing you this season? Are you like me and wanting to sew a bunch of clothes to get your colour fix? 


  1. I love the earthy fall and winter colours, but honestly coming from Canada...the earthy dull colours can get boring when the winter gets long, so I completely understand your craving for colour! Who says it's a summer thing! I love your inspiration!!! :o)


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