easter with a lovely husband

May 1, 2011

Sorry for the awful / incredibly late photos... I think my increased sugar consumption over easter led to a shaky hand and decreased blogging memory, thus leading to wobbly images a week after easter.

My wonderful hubby made me this egg container full of hand made dark chocolate, macadamia and blueberry eggs for easter. How many men make food stuffs for their women I ask you? Not many, if any (to everyone from NZ please notice the scribe reference) I'm a very lucky girl.

It was an amazing easter with lots of relaxing, a 1000 piece  jig saw puzzle, a good amount of walks with my darling husband, good food, boxing, family and a great catch up on whats currently going on in the world of design which has been well over due(Also far too many hours on pinterest).

Hope you all had a great easter to!


  1. Those look SO incredible. And healthy - dark chocolate and blueberry. :)

  2. Dark chocolate, macadamia and blueberry eggs? Hang onto that one—he's a keeper!!


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