my new necklace

June 2, 2011

Last weekend we went out to for our standard Saturday brunch to Mrs S, a cafe we had heard all about but never been to. The food was amazing and I got to have cornbread for breakfast which is always a win in my book.  

Afterwards we went  for a little stroll around the Maylands shops, I stopped at an art class shop and asked if they did life drawing and the women there asked if I was inquiring about drawing or modeling and informed me should could offer me neither options. Is it flattering to look like someone who would inquire about posing nude? I choose to believe yes. We then wandered on to a busy little trinket / art store and I found this necklace, I feel a bit like a 5 year old with a playdough garnish on, but I still wear it and its fun to play with - a bit like twirling my hair and chewing gum while wearing a side ponytail and a scrunchy, but I don't chew gum because it might make my jaw too muscly and no one wants jawceps, I also don't wear scrunchies anymore, just so we're clear. The necklace is made by a designer from Melbourne but unfortunately I've lost her card but you can find similar ones on Etsy. Now I'm off to buy some fabric to make some skirts.


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