I'm free... almost

August 15, 2011

Wow...what a weekend! My parents came from New Zealand on Saturday to visit, sounds innocent and simple doesn't it? Not with our family! Unfortunately my Dad made a bit of joke when feeling uncomfortable as the customs officers were doing their pat-down-a-stranger-in-a-creepy-uncle kinda way... this wasn't seen as funny and ended up with a missed flight, police and a general over reaction which scared my poor old Dad. NZ airport security, you better bet your getting a disgruntled letter from me... ANYWAY so Mum and Dad did make it after that but its been such a crazy weekend that I have barely seen them. 

So what have I been doing you may ask that has drawn me away from my parents? I have been trying to make a half decent portfolio to woe potential clients to my magnificent self as I am currently in my last week of employment at my job and am desperately hoping to make it as a freelance designer (with a part time job until I become fabulously famous of course). So in the next month be prepared to see the launch of my stationery lines, web site and other bits and bobs. Be warned I plan to saturate the internet with my wares until someone takes me up on the offer to design their invites, logos and cook books (hint, hint)

I also was a good wife (kinda) and made it to the farmers markets to supply our little family with plentiful fresh produce, a myriad of nuts and some tasty looking fancy pants organic, biodynamic beef. Tasty! I also picked up the flowers above at the market, you gotta love market flowers, they bring a life to a house. 

So enough of my past bed time grumbles, rambles and hopeless attempts at humor, have a lovely night and I shall see you tomorrow! (I won't actually see you, but shall feel your bloggery presence through world wide web)


  1. Oh my gosh! Security at airports is so uptight! You cannot even make little jokes like that, that sucks. But anyway these two photos are beautiful. I hope you had a great time with your parents and good luck on your portfolio dear!:)


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