I wanna be a book designer when I grow up

November 30, 2011

It's been a dream of mine to design books since I was tiny and by tiny I mean 20ish... so about 4 whole years. There is something so beautiful about the finished package that is a book, it's pretty cover, the choice of font for the text, the layout... When I get a new book I can't help but smell it and rub it's pages, kind of like how people sniff babies, only I don't get arrested for sniffing strangers books, just funny looks (not that I've ever been arrested for smelling babies, mostly because I don't sniff them).

I love the brightness of these covers, it makes me want to read whats inside. I've read many a rubbish book because of it's pretty cover. I don't know what that says about me but I assure you, I love my husband for more than his pretty cover.

Now after this lovely ramble I'm off before I waste any more of your time, I've had a sweat shop in my living room today, screen printing hundreds and hundreds of cards and forcing my husband to fold the card for me because I've hurt my back and am too crippled to do much of anything. So good night and I hope my blathering hasn't killed too many of your brain cells.


  1. What a great ambition. I love these covers:)

  2. You should do it!! I'm sure you'd be amazing at it. x


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