lost in the christmas haze

December 19, 2011

I've been fairly incognito this last week or so, things have been nuts and I've been flexing my procrastination muscles... not a great combo for getting things done. To help ease the pain of not having updates here I'm bribing you with photos of Izzy, a dog that I walk each week. She's a spoodle and as if saying spoodle wasn't fun enough for you she also had a haircut recently that makes her feel like a sheepskin. So while she is technically nothing to do with design AND I'm border line becoming a lady that brags about her animal on the internet, I will take solace in the fact that at least I'm not talking about my cats and giving instructions about stashing cat nip in your pockets to attract the neighborhood feline population like a scraggy haired pied piper fanatic.

Talking about mad things, the lead up to christmas is just that but its also fantastic, we have family coming for christmas from New Zealand, been to a plethora of parties with our fabulous friends, have good work at the moment, trips to the beach in the sun and a holiday to the south coast planned. Pretty lucky really.

Gotta love a summer time christmas.


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