the week so far

February 15, 2012

This last few weeks have been nuts. I've barely spent anytime with my husband or had the chance to sit back and do nothing. On Monday I was lucky enough to go to a printers and have a look at some working Heidelberg printers, we also got free stuff! It was great to have a chat to a few other designers from the area while I was there and get to have a look at Pilpel printers inner workings. They also had a ton of binding techniques that made me drool (hopefully not noticeably). 

I also did some house/dog sitting for a few days, the dogs (3) were giant and lovable, until I realized that they wanted to sleep in the bed with me and left me no room. I'm stuck in a strange hunchback/ fetal position from the sleeping arrangements, that along with my drooling over binding and I'm just a leg drag away from climbing a bell tower in Nostra dame and falling in love with esmerelada. Poor misunderstood hunchback...

We did manage to work in a jaunt around the local fancy pants housing and take some photos, so the house sitting wasn't a total loss and the dogs were crazy cute.

Now I'm off to do more work... who needs sleep anyway?


  1. The dog photo is super sweet! The eyes say so much. Hope you're getting time to rest now. :) I'm jealous of your printer adventure...I'd love to spend more time around old machines like that! Xo, Katie


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