March 6, 2012

Images from Pinterest: One, Two, Three, Four

It's becoming more and more obvious how much I enjoy working in a more organic way. I dread long days at the computer and feel so much more able to cope with the world, work and problems when I can use my hands. I enjoy hours of drawing and the finality of something drawn to paper. There is no undo key and you have to learn that even though its not perfect it is still good enough.

I think we are losing too much to the rampage of technology, while it has so many benefits a lot of people are losing the ability to write or draw. We can accomplish so much now with our hand eye coordination yet are losing control over the marks we create. 

So in favor of getting back to the basics I've been spending a bit of time with nature and its been amazing to look at how much talent is out there that still celebrates what our natural environment has to offer. 


  1. That glass house is phenomenal. It would be so wonderful to wake up there.

  2. YES! Absolutely. I think it is way too easy to get carried away in technology world. Good one for keeping it real and remembering what it is that keeps you happy and inspired. I also like the image of the glass-house.


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