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April 30, 2012

Here's a little something I've been working on, for all your engagement card needs. I have a range of stationery I need to be out in a store here in Perth by friday (this is one of them)... lots of screen printing for me over the next week. 

Today I had a meeting with a client who is a creative person herself, she was talking about how in the fashion industry if you change at least 10% of a design you can claim it as your own. Thanks to this law she has numerous designs stolen and sold over the years and been unable to do anything about it. I too have also been discovering how crap it feels to be on the receiving end of plagiarism. This year alone I have had local and international creatives copy my work...  the identical not even changing colors type of copying.  In one case it raised a bit of a 'ah ha' moment when a card design of mine was used by another firm and as they are a larger, more glamorous firm they got a hole lot more media attention than I did. It really brought to light how important it is to market your work and claim it as your own early.

What makes people steal other peoples designs? Are they lazy, rat bastards? Or do they think it counts as inspiration? How do you protect yourself from plagiarism other than a pitchfork or large bodyguard called Butch? Have you ever had it happen to you and gone all single white female on their ass?


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