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June 22, 2012

It is so darn cold in Perth at the moment. It feels like 90% of the houses were built in the summer when it's 40+ degrees and they failed to remember that it gets to 0 degrees in the winter. It's so cold that if I were a man, my voice would be a heck of a lot higher over the last few days... on the plus side of being almost frozen to death, we've finally had rain and as you can see from the pictures above, it's so nice and green! I do love winter really and I can't wait to get back to NZ and go snowboarding in a month and a bits time, I also like how much comfort food and hot tea I can ingest (auto correct keeps wanting to spell inject instead of ingest... now I have visions of a shepherds pie junkie).

I had a big day of illustrating planned today but unfortunately I mashed my knuckles last night at volley ball and they kind of resemble sausage meat now so I can't quite hold a pen properly, which means, I will finally get all my updating on etsy done, I'll upload any deals and new invites on here along the way.

Also in really exciting news, my greeting cards just got stocked in Black Plastic, a super fabulous shop in Leederville. So if you feel like browsing the stores for Pigeon Pie products, head down there.


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