Eat more chocolate

October 25, 2012

I came across this brand of raw chocolate the other week and it has become my favorite for two reasons. Firstly the texture is so much nicer than other raw chocolates I usually purchase... it doesn't have that weird fatty globbey feel to it, it almost feels like normal creamy chocolate. The second reason is that the packaging is perfect! I have serious design envy for who ever it was that got this job! I love getting packaging jobs, especially with companies that want to go that step further to make something that is truly unique as well as functional.

Head over to Pana Chocolates and check out the other 8 flavors and perve at their branding!


  1. Chocolates! I've been a chocolate mania for the week, I used to hate sweet things but then got addicted to chocolates!
    I cannot throw pretty wraps and boxes. I like fancy things but when packages worth more than the item, I feel so mad!


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