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January 21, 2013

How amazing is a couple of weeks off in the summer? I got a beautiful skateboard for christmas from my husband, so I have been spending my time split between the beach, skating and laying around in front of the air conditioner reading a truck load of books that were pure entertainment fluff... I didn't learn anything new other than that Sookie Stackhouse gives herself a lot of pep talks and has a tendency to slap herself in the face during said pep talks. I love summer! I will also be bombarding you with images from my summer time jaunts once I get through them all.

The last week or so I've spent some time updating a few bits and pieces before getting back to client work, I now am the proud owner of an info page in my Etsy shop. My design portfolio on cargo has had the much needed face lift that I've been procrastinating on since about, I don't know... the dawn of time? I've also made a couple of updates to the Pigeon Pie website (soon to be relaunched, I couldn't give it to you all at once!) so that I can share some of my favorite vendors AND there will finally be a new price list pdf.

You may also notice that the fabulous Ana from blog milk  has updated my blog, it's all new and fancy, so thank you Ana!

This year is looking to be a busy one but also so exciting (did I mention I get to be a bridesmaid in New York this year?), I can practically smell the opportunities lurking somewhere in this humid weather.


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