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February 12, 2013

I've designed a free wallpaper image for you all today because... I'm a complete and utter sucker for inspirational quotes and self help books (even writing this makes me feel like I'm admitting to some glaring lack of knowledge) ... It's my dirty little secret that I have stacks of 'how to do life' books stacked next to my bed. To match my book tower I also have bucket loads of post-it notes with hastily scrawled quotes on them, these end up in bizarre and unlikely locations only to be put back down, where they then scurry back into the black hole that exists purely to swallow notes, odd socks and the occasional left underwire from bras.

My other vice is far less healthy, watching continuous reruns of The League... I think this almost completely cancels out any zen mind state I absorbed from reading my plethora of books. But hey, whats life without a Rafi bomb or a deranged man beast running around yelling "GATTACA!!!" every so often? Missing zest is what it is.

I'm sharing this free wallpaper download for you, because everyone needs a little pick-me up after looking at thier emails in the morning or a reminder after the hard slog of the work day that lifes not so bad and if it is, watch the league.



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