Jens Lekman and Erlend Öye

February 20, 2013

We're so lucky here in Perth at the moment with a plethora of arts festivals and live shows. I've been able to get to at least one a week for the last month and am feeling like I'm full of culture to the point of musical and cabaret obesity.

We saw Jens Lekman the other night, it is quite possibly the most fun pop show I've been to. While it wasn't grand in a Sufjan Stevens way, it was full of tasty pop goodness. He has a stage presence I'd associate with a really successful cult leader... the type that I would gratefully drink the magic "get-to-meet-zoltan" cool-aide from. If you have a chance to see him while he's touring in Australia this month I recommend you grab your ugliest jumper, your lensless glasses and get in line the hordes of hipsters to see the show... but not in an ironic way... Also keep an eye out for the keyboard player, I think he might be the most infectiously happy man in the world.

The opening acts were unexpectedly good (I can only remember the name of one of them though), Erlend Öye ( part of an old favorite The Whitest Boy Alive) made an appearance, I think just about everyone was enthralled by his banter and ability to sing whist standing solo with only his guitar for company, those Scandinavians are producing some real talent at the moment,  if you're pregnant and want a musical genius for a child get a ticket to Norway stat.


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