Thunderbirds Are Go

March 13, 2013

I have neglected the blog it's true... if it were a child, it would be severely undernourished, wearing a rice sack and most likely living in the dog kennel. Bad ownership I tell you, I own up to this grievous behavior and will offer my heart felt excuses just as any owner with little remorse would.

Recently life has simply been too much fun to sit in a corner and write about it... If I did sit down and talk about what I've been doing then it would be almost as bad as those people that take photos of their dinner while out with friends just so they can post on facebook about how awesome a time they are having. Yeah those people.

I signed up for Bschool through Marie Forleo and so far it's a ton of brain draining work but also so incredibly useful and the women I'm meeting through it ... mind-blowingly awesome ladies from all around the world. I've even found a little surf crew!!!

I've had an amazing meeting with Michelle Ward, who pretty much made all my big nasty excuses for not getting on with some new projects seem like piddly little cop-outs. So now I'm working on some really exciting ideas but I won't tell you just yet. Only because I like secrets.

My work schedule has been great too and I believe there may be custom wedding invites coming out of my nose soon if I'm not careful. Now that's a pretty picture and just think of the paper cuts!

So now that I'm a little more on top of things and half way to the weekend I thought I would take a moment to show another board design that I have concocted and will hopefully be painting next week if all goes to plan. Enjoy.


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