5 tips to make your wedding banner uniquely you

June 12, 2013

One of my favorite items of wedding stationery to work on is custom banners. I LOVE when a bride (or groom) comes to me with an idea for some lettering work to add to their wedding styling. It has such a personal touch and usually accompanies a couple with bold ideas and big stories.

If you've been pouring over the 3.75million inspirational wedding images out there and are thinking about adding in a banner to your styling but just don't know how or where to begin, here are a few ideas on what direction to take.

1. The ceremony paper roll backdrop. Perfect for a poem, story, bible verse, your vows or family & friends names that couldn't be there. It sits as a backdrop and gives you a great central point for photos.

2. The black board. This is often used for seating charts and menus but it's also a great way to have a 'statement' piece with quotes and your wedding dates when used as photo backdrop.

3. The bunting strings. It's been done a lot but who can turn their nose up at some fun colored bunting with names and dates mixed in with the patterns & colours.

4. 3D Names. So much fun to make and play with, this is a really great prop for styling having string letters, giant weaved letters in between trees, wood and of course good ol'fashioned card board. It's best to keep the words simple but it has high impact.

5. The traditional banner. This works great for either ceremony or reception, it gives you a center piece and you can use it for anything from your names and dates to love quotes.

There is no limit to what you can do, it's your day so you're the boss!

If you want to find out more about the lettering & banner options I offer, get in touch or leave a comment below.

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