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January 13, 2011

During my recent New Years holiday to Denmark (in Western Australia, don't go getting too excited now) I realised while walking through an incredibly old, beautiful, tall forrest that I missed the fantasy worlds that I had built up and lived in as a child (they always involved a forrest, what a hippie). One of my favorite books was Enid Blytons Faraway Tree and that story used to transport me to worlds with children my own age who had incredible adventures and met obscure mythical creatures, my favourite was always moonface even though he was grumpier than a vegan at a meatfest. (not to be confused with Meatloaf, he's just plain ol' scary)

Over the years I've forgot the freedom I had as a kid getting lost in fantasy worlds and then recreating it by painting, clay modeling or playing make believe (I'd pretended to be a spy in the back yard on my little pink bike & convince myself that the sweet old lady next door was going to go Hansel and Gretel on my ass, so I'd race back to the house and the safety of my mum. Aren't mum's great always keeping the bad guys away like that?)

So back to the reason for this post! Over the last few months I've been feeling bogged down by what has begun to feel like an endless monotony of corporate design. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good clean logo/layout and the skills it takes to simplify someone's problems into a useful, tidy piece of work BUT ever since I graduated and started working I've stopped 'creating' and I've just been creative within my job and its really started to drain me, I thought it was the exhaustion of designing all day but I've come to realise its exhaustion from lack of creative release, no recharge of my imagination. Perhaps I'm actually just allergic to being a responsible adult? Thats a reasonable excuse right? 

So I've decided to embark on creating again and to be a little bit brave and create freely and stop being a design snob & caring if it's been done before or doesn't compare in skills to someone else's work. Perhaps this might even bring some more life back to my designs? Who knows? Oh I'm so deep... 


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