Awkward & Awesome

January 13, 2011

Since following Sydney over at the day book and being lucky enough to chat with her lovely self before she became crazy popular I thought I would join in with her awkward and awesome Thursdays that she has invited her readers to participate in...

  • Your room at a B&B being advertised as having a 'private mini beach' and thinking 'oh how romantic' only to arrive and find it is actually a hole in the floor with some sand and shells covered with some perspex. 
  • Someone parking so close to me that i had to do acrobatic stretches in a dress to get back in the drivers door.
  • Forgetting to put the windscreen shield up and then driving looking like a lunatic as I squealed with pain every time I had to touch the steering wheel.... 
  • Tripping up on the street and trying to look like 'hey, I'm cool... I totally MEANT to do that'
  • Explaining what a typographer does... unsuccessfully
  • Getting accepted for a house yesterday! We have our own little love nest in 3 weeks! 
  • Going for a surf for the first time in a ridiculously long time and still being able to stand but most importantly not getting eaten by anything with big teeth that goes by the name of Jaws. I'm hooked all over again!
  • Outdoor movies, so much better than being stuck inside and I get to have a picnic, champagne and watch ducks wander around my feet.
  • Air conditioning... oh how I love thee on 40 degree days. My days at work would result in an Emma coloured puddle left on the floor if it weren't for you.
  • My wonderful husband bringing me lemon and sugar pancakes for breakfast in bed this morning, need I say more?
  • The voucher I got for Christmas to my favorite bookshop and all the pretty design books I got to buy and consequently immerse myself in for the next few days. Oh I'm inspired!


  1. how awesome are all your awesomes.... I must say I have a few of your awkward moments, and love the challenge of getting out of a spot I have been parked into. It is all about sucking in! x

  2. I was getting worried I would have to make a rather undignified scramble over the gear stick!

  3. YAY on the house!!! And I so know what you mean about the parking close thing....gotta hate that! I am nnnooott very coordinated..

  4. Hahaha that beach comment is prettty funny! Although it's quite the rip off!


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