We're on the move ... hopefully

January 12, 2011

Top left and center on 3rd row image sourced from life and leisure magazine NZ and all the rest from spaces 

As husband and I have been married for 3.5 months now we figured it was about time we got our own little home to start nesting and doing what married people do as we have currently been living with 2 lovely flat mates, a cat called Brian and our 2 goldfish. We've been on the hunt for a few months now and still haven't found anywhere BUT this has given me plenty of time to day dream about how fantastic my new office will be (yes, my very own designery* space). Now I just have to decide what its going to look like.

So here are a few styles that I'm trying to decide between, oh it makes me wiggle my toes with excitement just thinking about my very own office at home! I'm coming to a pretty strong conclusion that I will need some type of greenery, being around plants is quite calming but as I'm a bit of organizer I'm going to have to find a good balance between cluttered creativity and sterile white layouts. I also think getting a large pig that can wander in and out of my office might be a bit of a stretch with city living and all but hey, a girl can dream right?

*yes I make up words and can't spell to save my life... isn't it endearing? I'll take your silence as a yes!


  1. GORGEOUS!!!! Love this...so simple, yet rustic and modern and colorful all at the same time...those wooden shelves have my heart!

  2. a pig would be awesome. I have heard they are excellent pets. Might be a bit harder than the goldfish to fit within your space, but would make for great dinner conversations. x


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