I'm off on an Island holiday!

February 3, 2011

I'm on a bit of high...nothing illegal, its just that so many cool things are happening in the next week. My hubby and I signed the forms today to get our first little house, we collected the keys and went straight there to have a look at the empty house and discovered we have grapes, figs and lemons growing in the back garden! Exciting... I foresee homemade fig and caramel ice cream, mmmmm. We'd also been in the house all of 2.5 milliseconds and a really beautiful little Siamese cat called Lucy turned up (I read her name tag, don't worry I'm not making up names for neighbors pets in an attempt to kidnap them), she meows like she's in pain but boy is she pretty.

We're also off to see Sufjan Stevens tomorrow night ad I'm REALLY looking forward to that, it seems since he ditched the whole '52 states. 52 albums' thing he's got a bit more life back to his music, and I'm gonna witness it first hand. Now I just need to figure out what to wear to a concert inside with sweltering heat...

And now for truly amazing thing! in 3 sleeps we're off to Rottenst island which I believe is one of the best places on earth! Its a small island off the coast of Western Australia where you can only get to by boat, there are no permanent residents there and no motorized vehicles. So we have four days to lay around on deserted white sand beaches (there's about a 100 to pick from) bike around the island, snorkel, surf, paddle board, eat good food and wine, play with the quokka's (small kangaroo type creatures) and just relax.

Here's a few photos from last time I was there... so enjoy and I'm sure I'll have a few more when we're back next week.

Now I had better go move into our new love nest house!


  1. Have a ton of fun! Can't wait to read about your travel adventures!

  2. Thanks! I'm sure we'll have an amazing time :)


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