awkward & awesome Thursday (I mean Friday) the sequel...

February 4, 2011

I didn't have any awkward photos I wanted the world to see so here is an awesome one from our wedding day.

Its been a week of awkward and awesome things so I thought I'd give this whole 'Awkward and Awesome' thing another go.

So here goes!

  • More awful than awkward, the battering that Queensland has had to endure. First flooding with mass destruction and far too many deaths and now the category 5 cyclone! Come on. Give them a break!
  • The real estate agent we got our keys and contract off today. I wasn't dropped on my head, so you don't need to speak reeeeaaallll sssslllloooowww. And its not unreasonable to ask to be there when she walks through our house every few months taking photos for inspections. Come on now, play nice lady.
  • The builders who keep taking my work car park. I feel like such a silly girl wandering into the work site asking them to shift their cars after every single meeting I go to.
  • Having my dress blow up around my ear while standing at the traffic lights waiting to cross. Nuff said there me thinks!
  • Jarring my thumb so bad at beach volley last that I couldn't move it, but still having the guy in the other team spike it at me. Hard. Constantly. I think he smelt the fear!
  • The giant cockroach that just dive bombed me and then came to an untimely death as he met my jandal sandal.

  • The sweet sweet holiday the hubby and I are off on in 2 days now! Sun and trashy books here I come.
  • The perfect weather we're having here. Its HOT, sunny and beautiful. 
  • The beautiful house I'm moving into over the next couple of days. Its our very own kitsch palace. The very first home for me and my wonderful husband. Awww
  • The amazing meeting I had with a client yesterday. So many paper stocks and printing techniques that I can use in this project. Oh I can't wait to get stuck into that one!
  • We have grapes, lemons and figs growing at our house. Mmmm think of all the fig and carmel pies, fresh grapes and G&T's with lemon.
  • I get to go to the hairdresser tomorrow for the works. I cant wait for the luxury! 
  • Sufjan Stevens is playing tonight. Just for me. Not really but it's still pretty exciting.
  • I got tickets to the sold out sugar blue burlesque show. A miracle!


  1. So jealous you can grow figs! yum. Feeling for Queensland..did study abroad at UQ in '06 and am still getting email updates about certains spots on campus being closed, ha. Have fun on the holiday!

  2. I went to see Sufjan Stevens last week in Sydney and it was AMAZING! Seriously. What did you think? Also, I keep wanting to join in on awkward & awesome thursday, but since Sydney's thursday is our friday i'm never sure which day to do it. Do you usually do it on australian thursday?

  3. Moving into a house??!! YAY for you!!! That is so exciting. And so are awesome vacations—have fun!

  4. Gabby - Sufjan was amazing! He was epic, I think its the only word I can use to describe the show! I wish I could go back again. And as for the awkward and awesome Thursdays... I think I'm a little slack and just kinda do it when I can. As you've noticed I'm a complete novice at blogging so I just make it up as I go :)

    Geri - I know!!!!!! I love our house, its so pretty and has some pretty good juju if I do say so myself!

  5. great post :) your house and pics is so cute! xoxo


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