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March 7, 2011

Clock wise: ASOS Bow tie knit top, floral one shoulder dress, River island jersey, Scallop detail dress

I have been missing from the blogging world for about a month now, but no more I say! We finally have internet in our house, we may not have a couch (sofa for those of you in the cooler climates of the world) but we have internet and a phone! 

Since I last posted we have had so much happen, we spent four days on an uninhabited island snorkeling(where I got my first jelly fish stings), we saw Sufjan Stevens play live ... best concert I have ever seen in my life. EVER. AMAZING. 
We saw a fantastic toe tapping gypsy band play in a speigal tent, later followed by the 'freak and the showgirl' which was an education in it's self seeing the lower part of a woman's anatomy 'lip' syncing in full costume. We sailed on a replica pirate ship, went camping in snake infested forests, attempted to surf a rocky, washing machine swell, pondered weather to buy some crocodile steaks and found out that my thyroid is still unwilling to get active (its just so darn lazy!). 

During the time that so much has been happening for me and husband, my home country New Zealand was hit my a devastating earthquake that destroyed many homes and took far too many lives in the city of Christchurch. I lived in Christchurch for many of my younger school years and it was so awful to see such a beautiful place suffering such an awful tragedy, so if anyone reading is from NZ my thoughts are with you guys but I know you can get through it and please know that so many of us expats in Aussie are missing home and wish we could help more.

So now on a more cheerful and somewhat materialistic note I'll leave you with a collection of bits and pieces that I've had my eye on for awhile (isn't ASOS amazing!) and fear not I won't disappear for a month this time!


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