the return of awkward and awesome

March 25, 2011

 photo of a quokka taken by my hubby. I think its expression is curiously like the fonz... it just needs thumbs up

- Rummaging around the side of the road under the cover of darkness in search of free furniture from the local verge collection and people slowing down as they drive past to look at me going through other peoples junk. It's not like I'm the only one to do this... right?
-  Losing volley ball, by playing embarrassingly badly. Oh so badly!
- Getting a face, bra, mouth and eye full of sand while playing volley ball. The same untreated sand that has tones of sweaty feet and bodies in it every day of summer. Gross. We've found whole toe nails in there before...
- Getting into crazy positions while waxing my legs and then realising I didn't close the curtains and the whole street can see me if they look in the window.
- Lentils... or more so the result of eating lots of lentils.

- It's the weekend tomorrow and my niece is turning 4
- I have a very happy client. Who has been so much fun to work for and is really adventurous in her style! It's been brilliant.
- I got a new printer! I can finally join the rest of the world that partakes in basic technological advancements. 
- I got to go to the hair dresser at last, I LOVE having the nice hairdressery massage/hair wash. I even got a free hand massage!
- We got snails for our fish tank, they are such cool little critters (actually cool HUGE critters)
- We're having a pie party for our house warming. PIE! Lots and lots of Pie! Amazing. I plan on making lemon meringue pie and chicken and pumpkin pie. My stomach is hungry thinking about it already!
- My sister is coming to visit from New Zealand in the next couple of months! I can't wait to hang out with her , she's the best big sister ever. 


  1. AWESOME lists. man i had a good laugh at your awkward.
    verge collecting – everyone does the same but doesn't admit it, so points for you.

    pie party! how cool!
    seen the one they did on rockstar diaries?

  2. I like the awkward comment about rummaging for free furniture, I have also done that hahaha

  3. I'm glad from reading this that it isn't just me thats going through other peoples cast offs!

    I'll have to check out the rockstar diaries pie party... there I was thinking I was so original!

  4. omg that waxing thing cracked me up!! i'm so sorry! but it sounds like you've got an awesome weekend planned, have fun! pie parties are awesome. i went to one last week. :)


  5. Haha I love your awkward list.
    Pie party !!! mmmm although with "pigeon pie" as your blog name...that's the first kind that came to my mind haha.
    I like the lemon and pumpkin choices much better! :o)

  6. Without sounding like a crazy person, I LOVE that you have snails now. I have a snail (who survived the great fish death of 2010) and she is legitimately the best pet. She sucks the glass, and follows my finger, and I absolutely love her. I hope you love your snails too. Okay, crazy snail lady rant over.


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