freddie mercury vs. nancy sinatra

May 31, 2011

OK I admit there was no versus battle between my husband and I... we haven't been married long enough for that or taken to living out adolescent tekken dreams.

We had our friends 30th birthday party this last weekend. We were all forced invited to go in fancy dress as a musician of choice... as you may have noticed from previous posts I found it exceptionally hard to pick. I ended up choosing to go as Nancy Sinatra. So I whipped (manically sewed without a pattern untill 5 mins before the party started) up a pencil skirt the afternoon of the party, then stuck a car washing sponge under my hair and wa-la, 60's lady. We didn't get any good shots, these are all at about 2am but you get the idea, I had a pencil skirt and a beehive, pretty authentic huh?

My husband went as Freddie Mercury but got a little cold and had to cover up a little but I thought his mustache was most dashing... debonaire even.


  1. That's such a fun party, I'm torn between the 2 I love FM and Nancy too. Oh me!


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