it's friday ya'll!

May 27, 2011

photos courtesy of our garden and the farmers markets
Happy friday! I'm so glad this week is almost over, I've got so much planned for this weekend that I can't wait to get into it. It's been so nice at the office today a beautiful little black staffy dog called Alphy from next door has been sitting at my feet (or on my lap and he isn't that little really) 
while I've worked. The guy I share the office with doesn't like animals but I made him toughen up and put up with some animal love... I'm so cruel sometimes!*

We've got some friends coming for dinner tonight and I'm going to be making this with some of those delicious looking carrots. It's fantastic having farmers markets near my work, all that beautiful fresh produce is so tempting.

I've also got a friends 30th on Saturday where I shall be dressing as Nancy Sinatra, I'll post photos if I don't look like a nutter. I'm attempting to make something like this dress tomorrow for for the party. I'll also be trying my very first beehive, hopefully it works or I'll probably arrive at the party with awful bed head styled hair. Wish me luck! 

Then we have my nephews 2nd birthday party, which may be a trial after a 30th but still a lot of fun. It's going to be a fun weekend and I hope you all have a great one too!

Ciao ciao  

* I really wanted to get a photo of the little guy but he wouldn't sit still long enough. 


  1. Oh my goodness!
    I definitely want to see pictures of your Nancy getup!
    I just watched her "Sugar Town" music video the other day.
    I'm sure you'll look lovely!

    Good luck!


  2. We just discovered the grandest new farmer's market in our area. I was practicall jumping for joy! That produce is beautiful!

  3. Those are some nice captures you have on page ;)
    Happy Friday!
    It's Monday Already :D

  4. I love these photos :) such great detail. cute blog you have here!

  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments about my photos! It's nice to know my birthday present is working well!


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