gay parents and the kindness of strangers

May 27, 2011

Something a bit heavy for friday but ... I came across this video via creative inspiration, it was beautiful to see how kind some people are to strangers when so often we see so much hatred. Whether or not you agree with gay couples being parents I think it is an amazing breath of fresh air to see people standing up for others who are being targeted by bullies. I must admit I had bought into the stereo types associated with Texas (known for not being overly gay friendly) so it was great to see how wrong I was. And the guy with the note! I sobbed when I heard what it said... such a beautiful thing to say to strangers! 

*Sorry if my opinion offends anyone, but this is my opinion and its my blog to voice that I believe tolerance and kindness should be shown to EVERYONE no matter what faith, colour, sexual preference or gender. 


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