Awkward and Awesome

May 26, 2011

Its been awhile but in support of the newly preggers Sydney I thought I would join the masses for another Awkward and Awesome.

So here goes my weeks ups and downs:


  • My gold fish is a parraplegic... I'm beggining to beleive in uthenasia (so long as my hubby does the deed)
  • My riding lesson last week. We learnt the hard way what happens when you ride your horse to death... literally.
  • Turning up to a class 3 weeks early. I felt SOOOOO spastic.
  • The centipede colony emerging in our bathroom.
  • Trying to decide on a fancy dress outfit. Why do so many female musicians dress skanky? Don't they know how awkward it is to replicate that?
  • The awful squealing noise my car makes every time I turn it on, causing every person within a 10 mile radius to turn and stare at the girl with a bright red face attempting to make a fast getaway. Car fail. 


  • Standing on my horses back as it walked around the ring with out holding onto anything. I felt like a ninja!
  • The brochures that I had printed today for a client. AMAZING. I love clear varnish text and foils.
  • The pumpkin, maple and mustard crusted salmon we had for dinner. Yummo
  • Yogalates. Pretty much the most pleasant exercise I've found yet.
  • Game of Thrones, I know this makes me an ultimo nerd but I can't deny it. I'm in love with the show.
  • My new camera and all the adventures its giving me an excuse to go on. 
  • The weekend is only 1 more working day away.


  1. i am impressed with you. me and horses don't jive. actually, i'm just a wimp. Wimp. and the class thing is sooo something I would do!

  2. I love this list, your goldfish... so cute.

  3. dear 3 day weekend,

    please hurry up!

    love, Candace

    haha :)

    Lovely Little Rants

  4. beautiful photo.

    Have a joyous weekend :)

  5. Car squeals when you start it?
    Get in there , dear sweet blue eyed one, and tighten that alternator belt..............


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