A is for Awesome *

May 26, 2011

Welcome to the first week of the '26 weeks of the alphabet extravaganza' - I said that out loud with a Barney Stinson voice for comic effect, so some mad props for commitment is due here people (or person - Alex). 

This is my first weeks piece, the letter A (I'm sure you would have guessed that all by yourself). I've used a geometric / origami fusion for inspiration for this letter. I've been loving bold colours and geometric shapes so much lately that it seemed like the natural choice to be inspired by. I guess I'll need to find some new inspiration before I can move on to B though... perhaps butters of the world? Who knows. 

So there we have it, a single piece of a display font, the first of many... next week I'd like to try a hand made letter, so be prepared! 

*O is also for Owesome if you're David Tua, which you can see here


  1. love this idea!
    you've inspired me...
    might have to try something like this soon.


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