Montastic (thats monastery and fantastic)

May 15, 2011

We went for a drive this weekend to a touristy location so I could test my new camera and not look like a dork taking photos of all sorts of mundane objects. So I thought I would let you all get a look at some shots of New Norcia, Australia's only Monastic Town. Its only got 8 monks there now but used to host a girls school, boys school, aboriginal school, vineyard, bakehouse, carpentry shop, wheat and meat produce and 3 chapels. They still have 27,000 acres and some really tasty bread (and wine) and it was great to have a wander through the buildings.

We also discovered a sweet little church in the middle of nowhere but when we were wandering through the grave yard we heard some gun shots so decided that perhaps it was time to move on before we became the victim of a crazed lonely farmer left to be eaten by dingo's and rabid kangaroos. In other interesting news on the way to the monastery we stopped in to a second hand store and bought a bundle of things and spent $2, shock horror we're big spenders, you've gotta love those country town op-shops.

I'm getting the hang of the camera now too... still need a bit more practice but that takes time right?


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