I touched a snake and I liked it...

June 8, 2011

We went on an exploration to Caversham a local wildlife park here in Perth. I loved it! I got to play with kangaroos, snakes, lizards, birds and touch a wombat! You used to be able to hold him so I was a bit disappointed to find out I was only allowed to stroke his belly. Years ago we went to the same park and my Dad held the wombat, Dad thought the wombat was trying to nuzzle him... he was actually trying to bite his ears. Cute non the less. This time round a kangaroo got all cute and cuddly with Alex while he was laying in some roo-poo. 

I'm so in love with Australia's animals when they aren't trying to eat or poison you, they are so much bigger than what you get in NZ so still seem exotic and exciting to me, especially the wombat and pink and grey gala, they're winning the 'Emmas favourite things' competition so far, and peppermint ice cream but I don't care if thats from Australia or not so long as I get to eat it.

It was a beautiful day and great way to spend some of our long weekend, I also learnt its bad to have the iso turned right up in the middle of the day and that I don't seem to ever take portrait profile photos... I'll work on that. I'm so out of touch with camera know how. But I still got enough photos to inflict on the blogging world. 

So without further adieu I leave you with my multitude of wanna be a wilde-life-photographer-photos.


  1. The title cracked me up! I love this outing.

  2. I wish you could hear me laugh out loud! that big buddy he's holding is ador-able! I want one. Looks cuddly...And thank you for the birthday wishes! You guys make me feel so special!

  3. Amazing animals! I've always wanted to visit Australia and explore the wild life there! xoxoxoo

  4. ...And now I have Katy Perry stuck in my head.


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