C meet awkward and awesome, awkward and awesome meet C...

June 16, 2011

Wow! What a week... I think I shall summarize all of this up with awkward and awesome. You may also notice the letter C sitting above this text, I based this weeks letter on trees after thinking about Enid Blytons, Wishing Tree. I want that tree!

Awkward / awful:

  • Having an allergic reaction to the anesthetic at the dentist. Passing out while getting a filling is not cool. My body is a biological lemon sometimes. 
  • Being told you might have a brain tumour... nuff said.
  • When saying to a radiologist who is scanning your brain "I hope I don't having a whopping big tumor" having him reply "It's not big, but there is something there". Not cool Dr Collins, not cool.
  • My poor husband getting a stomach bug.  First time I've seen him properly sick, not just man sick.
  • Realising you look like a brethren half way through the day. How can you escape this look I ask? By pulling out a bible in the middle of the street and just going with it. 
  • The smell of nasty fungal foot that greets me every time I walk into the volley ball court.


  • Finding out I don't have a brain tumor! Best news I've ever got!
  • Realising how many awesome people I know and all the thoughts and prayers that went out for me and Alex this week. My family is especially amazing, one of them even sent flowers. I also got a virtual hug from a non hugger. 
  • Seeing how amazing Alex is and knowing for sure I married the most spectacular man. I'm a lucky girl.
  • Eating chicken pie when I found out I was sick... and brownie and caramel slice and hot chocolate... you get the idea. I LOVE comfort food. I told it to get in my belly and it got in there quick smart.
  • My new nail polish that smells like coconut. Now I can be like ' hey, smell my fingers' and its socially acceptable (Pretty much the main reason I bought it). 
  • My new pajamas. I am now the flannel queen. 
  • Yin yoga, amazing (if your into the whole joint stretching thing that is) 
  • The measurement term I've heard of 'Flarm', the space between your elbow and tips of your fingers. Can you imagine saying "may I have a sandwich 2 flarms long please' or 'she's such a tart her skirt is only 1 flarm long". Yeah thats going into my word bag. (Word bag = Mary Poppins bag on a vocabularical journey into awesome and yes I am making up words) 


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