it all started with the letter D

June 30, 2011

Thats a lie, I'm pretty sure it didn't start with the letter D but here is my letter of the alphabet for the week. All be it a week late but isn't it pretty? I used my blunt scalpel and everything.

Today is incredibly exciting, we just booked a fancy pants hotel in Ubud, Bali for our one year anniversary. I can't wait to be there already!!! I've never travelled through Asia before so am frothing at the mouth with excitement over good food and such beautiful old temples. I'll have to post photos when we finally get there, I hope I don't get rabies or bali belly! (for those how read this prior to the spelling change... I have no fear of rabbis)

I'm also going to do a mass exodus of images from my 30 for 30. I've stuck to the challenge but with it being dark when I leave and dark when I get home I've been slack about taking photos. So you get Emma, one day and 15 billion 11 outfits. And for that you can thank the wonderful citizens of Western Australia who voted against day light savings because apparently 'it confuses the cows' .... seriously? 

Now I'm off to prance around in a giant caged sandpit and play some volley ball.


  1. It sounds like the perfect day, I don't even have to ask how you're doing because you are obviously doing great! I hope my little package/book arrives before you leave.

  2. Yay for volleyball. And yay for Bali. I'm really excited about those pictures. Also I like the 'D'. You have got some major skills.


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