a weekend recap

July 5, 2011

I had one of those brilliant weekends where Saturday was spent indulging in amazing food and looking at old buildings. I get a lot of kicks out of historic buildings, I grew up in New Zealand which has been around about as long as big macs (although with all those chemicals a big mac may just last longer... but shhh don't tell Christchurch that, its a bit fragile at the moment).  So we went to Fremantle and ate raw nachos and raw cheese cake - AMAZING!!!! Then we wandered around looking at old prisons and houses, I think I may even have a small fetish for old prisons... they give me the creeps and historical knowledge and lets face it kids, learning is fun (thumbs up and creepy head tilt time). I also learnt that they used to nail peoples ears to the stocks so they couldn't turn their heads... grim much? 

On Sunday we got woken up to the sound of someone trying to break in to our house so I got to call the police on the emergency number!!!!  Other than that and the 300 squillion clothes changes I did for the 30 for 30 pics, we spent the day watching Doctor Who and relaxing. It was amazing, but next weekend we'll be camping at the beach with some friends, because apparently thats what australians like to do in the middle of winter. Because hey, whats more exciting than seeing who managed to not have any of their extremities frozen off in the night - boys my money isn't on you! Just sayin...

So thats the news from my weekend... stay tuned for my next installment...


  1. Perfect Saturday!!! I am so sorry about Sunday we got out house broken into and it sucks!

  2. Sounds amazing. Besides the dude almost breaking into your house...Did they get him? that chocolate something looks delish.


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