what to wear on a tropical island?

July 7, 2011


We have trip to Bali planned in September for our one year wedding anniversary, so the obvious questions arose in my inquisitive mind. Such as "How do I not offend any of the locals?" , "How can I avoid Bali belly on my romantic holiday?" , "Will the rabid monkeys / children bite me?" and most importantly "What should I wear?". I've heard its disrespectful to wear skimpy clothes so I'll try to keep my knees covered when I'm not at the beach, its also incredibly humid so I'll be looking to not be swimming in a soup all of my own making (too gross?) by trying to totally cover up, I'm also about as pale as is humanly possible so I need a big hat and by big, I mean size of Texas big. So I've done what any sensible girl does in this situation and I've been internet window shopping and the bits above are all of my finds so far. 

I'm fantasizing of pastel dreamy flowy clothes as I float around a tropical island with my debonaire husband supping on drinks that have little umbrellas in them, while beautiful birds land on our outstretched hands and sing us jaunty tunes. Possibly like a Mary-Ann / Ginger hybrid from Gilligans Island but the island is Bali and I'm not a red head. I don't think this will actually happen and if any birds did land on me it would just be to give me rabies or a severe stink eyeing. Oi my imagination!

So without further adieu I leave you to fawn over my pretty finds... and I am going to sleep. And yeah the image is little weird ...I'll fix it tomorrow but for now, sleep is calling.


  1. I love that feathery blouse! Amazing set!!!!!!!
    I hope you have a great time :)

  2. Love love that first dress! So cute!


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