shots from the weekend

July 12, 2011

This weekend just gone, we went camping, just like any sane person in the middle of winter. It was a great time spent with wonderful people, two of whom got engaged under a beautiful sunset which added a touch of romance to the otherwise unromantic trip. Lets face it 10 people without a flushing toilet doesn't scream romance.  (Congrats Jez and Evie! Most amazing couple ever!) 
We went on 4 wheel drive tracks through the dunes, we got stuck... twice, the boys spent hours digging the cars out. We volleyed, fished, prayed for waves and ate, then froze our tushies off during the night. Us Kiwis only took summer weight sleeping bags and almost did lose a few fingers and toes to ol' jack frost but thankfully managed pull through with multiple layers, chattering teeth and good old New Zealand hardiness...  we also kept morning wood (does anyone else find that HILARIOUS?) to defrost the next morning around the fire. 

So all in all a great weekend with great people. Now only 5 days till my sister arrives! Let the count down begin.


  1. haha!
    that is pretty funny :)

    those pictures are so dreamy.


  2. This brings back so many good memories. Your photos are wonderful and this post made me laugh. So... THANK YOU! + A hug.

  3. gorgeous photos - they make me want to drive to the beach immediately to stick my feet in the sand.


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