who knew Mondays bought good things?

July 18, 2011

via pintrest.

Its alright everyone, the world can breathe again, the wait is over, my big sister is finally winging her way over Australia to start her holiday with me. She is arriving via a big jet plane (also known as a midget plane if your Angus and Julia Stone ... pronunciation is very important Stones! ) to spend 2 weeks with us in Perth. The sun is even shinning for her eminent arrival.  It'll be great to see my big sister and hang out with her for the first time in way too long. Hopefully it will involve lots of girly hairdresser / shopping time mixed with a healthy dose of good food and wine and horse riding, because really its not a holiday unless someone gets on a horse. 

As its monday and my brain is in its usual state of "Monday Coma-fleshyitus" - yes, my brain even in coma state is trying to eat itself out of existence, so I cant eloquently discuss what happened during the last week. SO I'll stick with the excitement of seeing my sister. 



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