cheese its a wonderful fruit

July 31, 2011

My sister just left the other day and it has been a  wonderful week (and a half) to remember. I've eaten too much including vast quantities of sheep cheese, drunk to much red wine, shopped a lot because really theres never too much shopping a girl can do but the best part has been the time hanging out with my sister. She is hilarious and so much fun to be with, its hard to believe she's over 10 years older than me when she has so much energy that I feel like I'm an old fuddy duddy around her.

Alex and I also managed to squeeze in an AFL game, it was brutal but so much fun, including sitting in the torrential rain to watch it. I feel so Australian now! 

So as I'm at a loss of what to talk about that isn't emotional reminiscing about my big sister or testosterone fueled grunting about footy I'll leave you with some snap shots of her trip and my holiday and I'll stop writing before I get all emotional and say something completely sappy, but if I did say something sappy it would totally be the cheeses fault. Bad cheese! 

(Just joking cheese, I love you really, your welcome in my munching cave whenever you like)


  1. you have such a cute little blog here. i am totally going to follow. :) check me out if you wanna!


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