geometric musical extravaganza! (but really just a somewhat pleasant video)

August 1, 2011

How amazing is this song and the video! STILL loving geo shapes. Hope I can see Gotye live at some point. Seeing this makes me wish I had some musical talent lurking away somewhere but after a thorough search it appears my musical talents are still lacking. And by lacking I mean about as existent as a snow forming in an fire pit.

Also stayed tuned as I've got some exciting news to share soon! And for all family reading this, no, I'm not with child. But it is still exciting... for me... I'm so good at selling excitement.


  1. i sort of love this too...may download more of his(/their?) stuff soon for an upcoming loooong flight i have.

  2. This is awesome! I hadn't even heard of them (ugh I'm lame) and hehe you sold the excitement very well... I'm exciteeed! :o)


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