its a giveaway ... just not mine...

August 5, 2011

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I have staggered upon a giveaway! I'd like to pretend that I'm such an interesting person that they contacted me to promote them but hey, I'll take what I can get and do this free marketing in hopes of winning.
Its from a great store on Esty, Mr Lentz I originally found his nature inspired pendants and fell in love. Because really, who doesn't want, nay NEED some elk fluff hanging around ones neck? Probably someone allergic to elk... 

So if you want to win this mossy work of wearable art go here before August 12. 

And I won't announce the winner, because they aren't mine to announce but I may sulkily refer to that time I didn't win the neck moss occasionaly.

So on that pleasant note, have a great weekend ladies and gentlemen and I shall see you on Monday (if my sorry bones manage to survive boxing tomorrow that is)


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