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September 14, 2011

One, Two, Three, Four, Five
In yet another ode to spring (and lack of any images that i have been actually taking) here is another collection of images a-la pinterest that have been floating my spring boat in the last weeks or so. 

In making the most of the weather I went to kings park in the city to climb Jacob's ladder (a hill with 242 steps up it, Perth-ites like to run up and down to gain monumental ass-ets) I'd heard that it was the hardest thing in the entire world and I would want to die afterwards, I did it 4 times and wasn't begging for death so I decided to make a death sprint across a patch of park with nesting magpies, australian magpies look like they have been on steroids and anger inducing medication their entire existence, they can achieve serious harm when they are nesting so my death sprint really was just that, perhaps I should consider exercising with a motorbike helmet on for the next month or so? But would I run as fast? Hmm much to consider grasshopper...

My husband has also left me, he's gone on a trip 10 hours north to make everyones drinking water safe and all that jazz. I'll be glad upon his return, I'm still not totally recovered from not being able to go with him, I had to look after the sea monkeys... but he did organize one of my friends to come stay with me while he's away so I don't get lonely and start chewing on his shoes and scratching at the doors. With my friend staying it means that we can have trueblood marathons and force feed hours of Eric up our retinas (but only non-smiling Eric, he looks a bit carnival creepy when he smiles... I'm also not loving the hitler youth haircut he's currently sporting). Yeah I know, we're classy ladies. 


  1. Ahaha I've never watched true blood (although I do have friends that are obsessed with it) ...but now I'm really tempted to google images of this eric charecter (smiling and non-smiling). Haha
    these images are sooo pretty! It's funny I've actually had that coloured sticks one on floating around my desktop for suuuch a long time. It's so awesome! :o)
    Thanks sooo much for your comment by the way!!!

  2. Gorgoeus images.. you should come over and link up to my Pinterest Party on Mondays.... doesn't matter when your post was you can still join in as its is all about the images not the subject xx


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