suddenly inspired

September 6, 2011

Links One, Two, Three, Four
As I've been getting my head around some hand lettering for my stationery I've come across some pretty amazing inspirational pieces out there. It's a dream of mine to be able to work predominantly with my hands and leave my computer alone. It's a shame that as I work more and more with computers my hand eye connection is getting less skilled and my drawing is getting to resemble something a 2 fingered chimp would draw more and more. 

So with that wonderful image in your mind I'll leave you to peruse the images I have been storing away on pinterest.


  1. These are so lovely!
    I too crave working with my hands, and also feel like hands on skills are getting worse at times. This summer I did a bit of drawing again, but man how I wish drawing by hand was a mandatory course in architecture still. (although I'm sure if it were it would only add to the stress, and so I would hate it ahaha) .
    your inspirations are so pretty!!! I can't wait to see the stuff they inspire you to create.


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