bali and I are gonna be great friends...

October 5, 2011

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We're back from Bali and I do believe I'm a little in love. I could gush for hours about the amazing people, the never ending supply of temples, the fabulous food (and oh so cheap) but I'll try and keep it brief. We stayed in Ubud (yeah, the one from Eat, pray, love... affectionately known to the locals as Eat, Pay, Leave) it is such a stunning little place in the mountains of bali, surrounded by rice fields and organic growers with the best suckling pig in the world (it's a fact, don't even try and argue). We spent the bulk of our time here, wandering around during the day, eating at almost every place we passed, drinking a multitude of young coconuts and trying to avoid the offerings that are scattered like an never ending colorful pattern along the sides of the roads. 

We spent our final day in Jimbaran, it was ok, the water had loads of rubbish on the bottom. I've been spoilt growing up in New Zealand, which is so clean that at the sight of rubbish I freaked out and climbed up my husband firmly wedging him in filthy ocean floor while I freed myself of the gross things wrapped around my ankles. I didn't swim in the sea after that. I'm a pansy... and possibly a tad melodramatic. The sea food there was incredible though, we ate on the beach, with sand between our toes munching on freshly grilled fish and prawns that you pay for by the kilo (we ate with our hands, not our feet... they stayed firmly wedged in the sand). Ah the memories! So needless to say, we'll be heading back as soon as we can. 

Also this week has been mad getting things ready, I'm already running behind on getting my cards in my easy store (thanks to some faulty silk screens ) so keep patient, cause we all know your waiting with bated breath and stay tuned for when I get my A-into-G and actually get things going!


  1. This looks so amazing. Just like Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love! Have you read that? Or watched the movie?

    So amazing


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