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September 28, 2011

As you read this, I'm actually in Bali. Hopefully I'm basking in the sun, eating delicious foods and drinking fancy drinks out of coconuts not doubled over with Bali belly and a foot fungus infection.

In any case, next week is most exciting as I will be launching the Pigeon Pie shop over on etsy, for all your greeting card / stationery needs. I may also be having a little christmas card give away but you'll have to come back and see... yeah, I'm playing it all mysterious like. The printing in the picture above is one of the pieces that will be available next week to you fine people. 

I have also lined up a great lot of designers/creatives that have been kind enough to let me interview them, they will be sharing the deep dark secrets of the lives of artists with us, so come back each wednesday here on in to meet them (until I run out of fabulous artists that I can harangue into letting me interview them anyway).

So until next week I leave you with this...

In the words of Jonny Drama, victory!


  1. that so amazing! have such an amazing trip! and good luck with your launch! you will do amazing!!
    xo TJ


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