tuesday tunes

September 21, 2011

Its miserable weather here, once again, so here is a playlist of music I've been listening to that reminds me of summer and helps get my work done.

Raiders - Owl Eyes
Apple Pie Bed - Lawrence Arabia
Frayed - The naked and famous
Caring is creepy - The shins
Over and Over - Hot chip
Time to wander - Gypsy and the cat
Old old fashioned - Frightened rabbit
Lost in the moment - Daniel Lee Kendall
Better to be - Liam Finn


  1. Funny, you're trying to hold on to summer and I'm desperately wanting the cool weather! High 90's go away! I want the cool breeze of autumn! Come visit me in California and you'll have summer back! :)

  2. @Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex"
    If you could organize for your weather here I would be eternally grateful!

  3. Ahh we are in the same boat! There's a prevailing air of gloom in the weather this week and it's made my friends unbearably cranky. Fantastic playlist.

  4. Come to Australia, summer is just gearing up here!

  5. I absolutely love The Shins!!! You have great taste :)

    Have a great weekend!


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